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Vaccination & Wellness Exams
Preventative medicine is the key to keeping your pet healthy and on the wellness path. By doing routine, annual vaccinations and examinations you are creating a relationship between the veterinarian and your pet. The Vaccines allows us to prevent some illnesses before they happen and the examinations allow for early diagnosis of some potentially harmful illnesses.

Believe it or not, your pet is considered a senior pet at approximately 7-8 years old. At this point annual examinations and also bloodwork become even more important to make sure your pet will live as long as possible.

Unfortunately, pets don't let us into their mouths to perform proper scaling and polishing of their teeth like we do at our dentist appointments, therefore a full general anaesthesia is required to do this properly. Our fully trained, experienced Registered Veterinary Technician performs a detailed examinations of all surfaces of the mouth and teeth, and then uses an ultrasonic scalers to remove all the plaque and tartar from the teeth. Hopefully not needed, but the veterinarian would perform any extractions at this time. The teeth are then polished and a fluoride treatment is applied.

Again, just like we brush our teeth regularly at home, it is important to create a dental routine for your pet. There are a number of products that our friendly staff can discuss with you.

Whether it is for a routine Spay or Neuter or something more complex, we know it can be very stressful for you and your pet. When your pet is admitted the morning of the surgery, a specific anaesthetic and pain management protocol is determined by the veterinarian and technician. While waiting in the cage, you can rest easy that your pet is comfortable with warm fleece blankets and pillows, and once out of surgery your pet is also given warming bags and blankets.

Our clean surgery suite is equipped with an anesthetic machine and monitoring unit that monitors your pets heart rate, respiration rate, oxygen saturation and blood pressure. This monitor is a helpful tool that the veterinary technician uses while she is monitoring your pet the entire time he/she is under anesthetic. The veterinarians goal is to accomplish the surgery safely and as quickly as possible to limit the length of time your pet will be under anesthetic. Pain control will be given by the veterinary technician during the procedure to ensure when your pet wakes up he/she is comfortable.

The technician and hospital staff continue to monitor your pets recovery for the rest of the day, before being discharged in the evening.

For orthopedic surgeries we have a board certified veterinarian that comes to our clinic to do the surgery.

CNAH had a digital xray machine. This allows us to produce xrays for your pet faster, with as little discomfort as possible, with very little wait time to confirm the positioning and exposure is good. Digital xrays have much more detail than the old film technology.

We are very excited to announce that we now have In-house Laboratory Machines! With this brand new technology we can now do most blood tests without having to send them to the lab. For very sick critical cases this allows us to diagnose and get your pet on the proper path to getting better.

We currently would have a specialist come to us to have an ultrasound done on your pet. This limits your traveling out of city and is somewhere your pet is familiar with to reduce stress.

Nutrition & Weight Management
We want your pet to live as long as possible and nutrition, from the beginning has a large part to accomplishing this. We know how frustrating it is to try and read pet food labels and ingredients. We are here to help. We have excellent quality foods for every life stage available and our friendly, knowledgeable staff would be happy to help you with this confusing decision.

A lost pet can be heartbreaking and can happen in a flash. Microchipping can help reunite a pet with its family. A small chip, about the size of a grain of rice, is inserted under the skin for permanent identification. This service is generally offered at the time of spaying or neutering, but can also be done in an appointment.

Palliative Care and Compassionate Euthanasia
Sadly, our pets cannot live forever. As they age it is important to keep them comfortable and happy. Maybe it is just that they have started to slow down or have trouble getting up, but we can help them to be comfortable and to continue living their life for at least a few more years.

However, as they advance into a more serious stage they require more care from you and your veterinarian, and eventually euthanasia needs to be discussed. The staff at CNAH are here to help you through these times and when the time comes, to help you make a decision that you are comfortable with.

Here is a link to a questionnaire that can also help you evaluate your pet.

Here at CNAH we believe in the rainbow bridge.

If you need more help...

Ontario Pet Loss Support Group
Website: www.ontariopetloss.org
Email: ontariopetloss@gmail.com


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